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Smart Home Cleaning Solutions

Innovative products to make your home sparkling clean.

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Our Hit Product

Electric Spin Mop

We take floor cleaning to the next level. With two disc pads spinning 220 times per minute, you’ll clean up messes and bring back your floor’s natural shine within minutes. Need extra help for cleanup? There’s an integrated water sprayer with a 300ml tank to give you plenty of extra umph. 

Product Range

Ebooks & Manuals 

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About Us

We are a small company who happens to be full of techies and neat freaks. When we started, we asked ourselves, “what if we can combine technology and cleaning?” So we set out to find the best products and gadgets that can make cleaning easier, fun, and more efficient. Today, we’re proud of our hit product and are excited to bring you more in the next few months.

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Innovative Products

We are constantly looking for products and gadgets to make you go “wow!”

Instantly Clean

No set up, no cords, battery operated. Clean up should always be a cinch!

Top Customer Support

We are a US-based company and we stand behind our products.

About Us

Distinctive Features

Our unique mop is cordless and completely rechargeable - just grab and go! There’s also an extra long handle with 180 degree motion and an LED light for cleaning under tables and chairs. The best part? Included free is a disc pad cleaning station to for hands free cleaning between washes.

Warranty Claim

We stand behind our products with a hassle-free 60 day more-back guarantee.


"Easy & Fun"

“This mop is so easy and fun to use, my husband and I fight over who will be cleaning the floors. I never thought cleaning could be this easy.”

"Quick & Perfect"

“This mop is cordless! That means that after cooking a big meal in my kitchen, it’s no big deal to grab the mop from the laundry room and do a quick, 3 minute deep clean. My kitchen floors have never been so clean!”

"Great Floor Care"

“We have new floors and I was concerned about using old dirty mops to not only keep the floor clean, but to make sure the floor’s natural luster wasn’t harmed. This mop is great to clean with because of this cleaning station included. The pads are great - you can remove them and throw them in the washing machine. And a second set of buffer pads are also included to keep up that floor luster.”



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